Nitro Mfg. Kart Racing Products

Since 2010 we’re proud to offer a full line of in-house manufactured products for the kart racing industry.

We specialize in our line of the lightest, best-quality 6-bolt and 4-bolt gears on the market for #35 and 219 chain applications.

We also produce and sell a variety of trailer accessories including tire racks and wall-mount kart racks, toe plates, kart stands, nose nuts, gear guards, hubs and more.

Most Nitro Mfg. karting products should be purchased through our dealer network. Contact us directly to order toe plates and/or kart stands.

Direct Nitro Mfg. karting-related questions to Dick Timmons at or call 704.663.3155 during normal business hours.

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Non-Floating Hubs

Trailer Accessories

Gear Guards

Kart Stands

Nose Nuts & Toe Plates

Carbon Fiber Catch Can