Angled Steering Wheel Adapter


Our Steering Wheel Adapter is machined to be the lightest on the market.

This product fits hub-style between the front of the wheel and shaft, adjusted on a slide for desired wheel angle.

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Chain Guide




The Nitro Chain Guide keeps the chain aligned without using a gear guard. The difference between the Nitro Chain Guide and others is ours includes a bracket and frame that mounts between the bottom-back of your engine and the motor mount.

Using a chain guide as opposed to a traditional guard keeps rotating weight off the axle and may improve handling of your go-kart. A guide is also much lighter than a guard.

Our chain guide comes fully assembled and fits any 4-cycle engine application – Clone, Animal, Flathead, etc.

As always, the Nitro version of this product is manufactured to be the lightest on the market.

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Nitrogen Bottle Carrier


Save your back during a long day at the races!

This Nitrogen Bottle Carrier offers a slick way to transport your bottle from the trailer to the grid and anywhere else at the track or shop.

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Nose Nuts


These little guys rivet right in place of the dzus springs. You can keep the dzus in the side panels and use our Nose Nutz on the nose, making body removal much easier. Or use our Nose Nutz on the entire body!

These are a direct replacement and have a 1/4″-20 thread in them.

Now you can mount the body or take it off with ease, as these eliminate the need for a wrench on the inside.

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Toe Plates

One of our original karting products.

Nitro Toe Plates come fully assembled and ready to use!

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