Steel Surface Plates & Chassis Jigs

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Nitro Mfg. has decades of experience engineering, constructing, installing and servicing steel surface plates, metal fixtures and chassis jigs for customers in motorsports, industrial and other industries.

We offer complete sales, service and installation for new and used surface plates. If you're in need of a perfectly flat area for precise metrology for your company or project, Nitro Mfg. is your solution. Contact us today!

• Precision steel or cast iron surface plates will guarantee accuracy
• Customize any plate to fit your specialty.

• Plates are Blanchard ground to within 0.010"
• Plates are leveled within 0.005
• We can also engrave, drill, tap and machine centerlines on any new or existing plate.

Surface Plate FAQs

What is a surface plate?

A surface plate is a flat and plane space used as a horizontal reference area for structural measurement.

What are surface plates made from?

While surface plates can be made from different materials including granite and glass, Nitro Mfg. specializes in the construction of steel or metal plates, fixtures and chassis jigs. We build plates to the size and specs of our customers' recommendation and application.

What are surface plates used for?

The area of a surface plate provides a base for precision measuring for the most accurate inspections, including chassis building, toolmaking, gauging, marking and layout. Surface plates are also used for prototype work, quality control, Romer arm and scanning surface.

How level is a surface plate?

Nitro Mfg. steel surface plates are Blanchard ground to within 0.010 inches and leveled within 0.005 inches.

What does Blanchard ground mean?

Blanchard grinding efficiently removes stock from one side of material with a large surface area. The term comes from the Blanchard Machine Company in the early 20th century.

Does a surface plate require maintenance or recalibration?

Yes, depending on the workload, a typical surface plate should be calibrated every six months to two years to ensure continued precision and accuracy.

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