Nitro Mfg. Services

Questions? Call us at 704-663-3155 from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday.  Also view our Special Projects.


Custom Fabrication

The cornerstone of Nitro Mfg. We can fabricate nearly anything imaginable. From the initial draft, to the prototype, to the final product, we design, cut and form metal parts for use in industries such as construction, manufacturing, motorsports and many more.

Our custom fabrication skills and abilities can provide your company with the resources necessary to bring your marketing and promotional materials and exhibits to levels far beyond your wildest dreams.


CAD Design

Nitro offers complete CAD Design, utilizing SOLIDWORKS, Rhinoceros, and AutoCAD. We supply reverse engineering with ROMER Absolute Arm digitizing capabilities supported through Hexagon Metrology.


CNC Machining

Nitro Mfg. is a complete machine shop. We have the equipment and skill necessary to machine parts ranging with simple or complex geometries. We manufacture products that will match the CAD design to the required specifications and tolerances.

Waterjet and Laser Etching

We have two top­-shelf waterjet cutting machines capable of cutting any material up to 5’x12’ in size and up to 6” thick. On most materials, our laser machine is capable of etching directly onto your part, expanding the possibilities for marketing, branding, and part identification.



We offer complete in­house design services to bring your idea to reality. Whether you have a fully developed product in mind, need a prototype for production testing, or simply have a crazy idea, our team can create prototypes to help push the boundaries and realize the potential of your product.

mooresville nc welding welder


Our shop is fully equipped with Miller welders for all types of welding applications, including, but not limited to, aluminum MIG and TIG, steel MIG and TIG, and various types of arc welding. We can weld any material.


Surface Plates

We offer complete sales, service and installation for new and used surface plates.

Breaking and Shearing

Our breaking and shearing capabilities are up to 10’ long and maximum ¼” thick steel. We have multiple press brakes for different projects with our newest brake reserved for consistent parts and superior finishes.

Mooresville NC Tube Rolling and Bending

Tube Rolling and Bending

We’re capable of rolling and bending tubing from ¾” to 2”.

Mooresville NC Painting Painter


We have a fully equipped paint booth in house, allowing us to streamline the production of your project from concept to completion, including the final coat of paint. Completing our painting in house reduces the overall cost and production time of your project.